Semi Permanent Eyebrows

What is semi-permanent makeup?

Semi permanent make up is an advanced cosmetic technique which employs semi- permanent pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. (Not as deep as a tattoo)

Within a few days after the treatment the colours will begin to soften as the upper layers of epidermis are replaced by new epidermal cells.


Benefits of using semi-permanent make up?

Saves time in daily application of make up
Does not smudge, doesn’t wash off or run with sweat
Emphasizes facial features

How long does it take?

Approx. 1 -2 hours.

Step 1, Consultation & patch test

Step 2, Colour is decided, once you are happy with the basic shape & symmetry the first application of colour will start.

Step 3, Is the touch up which is normally between 4-12 weeks after the first appointment, this will boost the colour and cover any patchiness (this is normal after first session &once healed you can use and eyebrow pencil to disguise& top up will make more even anyway)

What will I look like after the treatment?

The colour will be more intense and darker than the chosen colour until the skin naturally exfoliates. This normally takes about 5-7 days after which you will then see the actual colour. The treated area can be slightly swollen, red and tender to touch for the next few days.

Is semi-permanent make up really semi-permanent?

The procedure is considered to be both permanent & semi-permanent

Permanent because the pigment components will always be in the skin, and not visible to the naked eye.

Semi-permanent because colour will fade if touch ups are not done.

Semi -permanent make up is suitable for anyone who wants to have eyebrows professionally shaped especially;

• Busy women, less time applying make up
• Athletes who regularly sweat
• Women who wear heavy make-up: spmu can be a base and looks good with out any additional top ups.
• Women with thinning or uneven eyebrows
• Men and women experiencing hair loss through medical reasons.
• People incapable or unfamiliar with applying make up
• People with allergies to traditional cosmetics: permanent make up rarely causes allergic reactions.



For all enquires regarding semi permanent makeup and Meso vytal treatments please call me on 07810 133669 or send a message via my contact page.